Chicago Bears Jay Cutler Coming Up Big In The 4th Quarter

Jay Cutler lead the Bears over the Vikings with 290 Yards and 3 Touchdowns, AP

Jay Cutler lead the Bears over the Vikings with 290 Yards and 3 Touchdowns, AP

Put enough targets on the field and he’s bond to find success. Guess that’s what Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears needed to finally become clutch in the 4th quarter.

Cutler, who turned over the ball three times, including a fumble that was returned for a touchdown during last weeks win over the Minnesota Vikings decided to take control of the Bears offence and lead them down the field, resulting in 8 of 10  (including a spike to stop the clock) passes for a total of 76 yards on the club’s game winning drive, with a strike to Martellus Bennett on a 16-yard scoring strike for the game-winner.

Cutler, who before these past two games, has been know not to do well in tight situations such as the one he was in last Sunday. As a result, his passer rating and QBR have generally been lower than what they should be. As of late, Cutler has a 95.4 passer rating, which gives him the highest he’s ever recorded and lands him in the top 10 for NFL passer ratings. It’s also important to note that his 71.8 QBR gives Cutler the 6th highest QBR in the league after two weeks.

With the addition of Brandon Marshall last year as the top receiver and Martellus Bennet from the Dallas Cowboys this year, along with Matt Forte rushing the ball, Cutler should have enough top options to throw the ball to.

Another key factor to note for Cutlers recent success  is the offensive line, giving up only 1 sack in the previous two games.

The Bears are looking good, but the year is young and the NFC North always like to throw a wrench into someone’s plans.

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