Minnesota Vikings Go Against Brian Hoyer and Trent Richardson-less Cleveland Browns

The Minnesota Vikings aren’t looking to good right now, starting 0-2, It might take facing a third-

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer passes during NFL Football practice at the team's training facility in Berea, Ohio Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013. Hoyer will start Sunday against Minnesota in place of injured Brandon Weeden, who sprained his right thumb last week and could be sidelined for several games. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer passes during NFL Football practice at the team’s training facility in Berea, Ohio Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

string quarterback and avoiding a star running back to help them get back on track and start climbing out of this hole they’ve been digging.

The Cleveland Browns, who are also 0-2, will try to start a new after parting ways with star rusher Trent Richard, in a trade with the Indianapolis Colts for a first-round draft pick in the 2014 draft.  It’s interesting to see how the Browns will do, considering neither of their  first-round draft picks from last year will play after starting the last two games, but for different reasons entirely. Quarterback Brandon Weeden is going to be out with a sprained thumb, and Trent Richardson is going to be hanging out with Andrew Luck after being traded to the Colts.

Although the Offensive production for the Browns may be down, and with Brian Hoyer starting over Jason Campbell, it will come down to their defense that will have to come up big if the Browns hope to contain Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder. Cleveland is currently ranked 12th overall in OPP Passing YDS and 4th overall for OPP Rushing YDS, on the other side of the ball, the Browns are 22nd in the NFL in Passing YDS and 29th overall in Rushing YDS.

If the Browns are going to win this, they are going to have to contain Peterson as best as they can, because he will eventually get his yards, and when he does, they need to stop him before he hits open field. Rushing is the Vikings strong suit as of late, ranking 10th for Rushing YDS in the NFL, while  coming up with the 20th overall Passing YDS. Minnesota’s defense will need to come up strong, even with a battered offensive unit, with a relatively unknown quarterback ( Hoyers only starting experience came last year with the Arizona Cardinals), it will be interesting to see what the Vikings do with the 26th overall rating for OPP Passing YDS and 25th for OPP Rushing YDS.

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